First Night Design | A Cherub is as a Cherub Does! #Christmas

A Cherub, Detail of the Sistine Madonna – Raphael Greeting Cards

What could be more restorative when I’ve been feeling rather peevish this week than to learn that I’ve sold 50 greeting cards of this detail of Raphael’s Sistine Madonna! Well, it sure bucked my spirits up considerably.

And I’ve just created my first Christmas stocking with the same image.


Take care and keep laughing!


19 thoughts on “First Night Design | A Cherub is as a Cherub Does! #Christmas

  1. Very exciting news Sarah – congratulations. Love the design and it looks awesome as a stocking!! This is shaping up to being a fantastic year for your gorgeous work ~

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  2. That’s a cheeky cherub, and looks great on both card and Christmas stocking. News of the card sales is good to hear, and echoing the other followers, I can only wish that your sales go from strength to strength.
    Best wishes as always, Pete. x

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