My lover, Lord Alfred Douglas.

Lord Alfred Douglas, nicknamed Bosie, was a young aristocrat and poet, the youngest son of the Marquess of Queensberry. He looked like an angel: fragile, with a very pale complexion, blonde hair and blue eyes, but often appearances can be deceptive and this case was no exception. The story of his relationship with Wilde began in 1892. Bosies’s  cousin, Lionel Johnson, had lent him a  copy of The Picture of Dorian Gray“, and after reading it  fourteen times in a row” he wished to be introduced to the author and so at the end of June 1891 Lionel Johnson accompanied his cousin in Tite Street and introduced him to Oscar Wilde. At the end of June 1892 Douglas needed Oscar’s help, because he was being blackmailed. Oscar, thanks to his lawyer George Lewis, solved all and since then they started to date and by the end of December 1893 they had become inseparable. The rumors about their lives ran all over London. The writer had little desire to…

Source: My lover, Lord Alfred Douglas.

12 thoughts on “My lover, Lord Alfred Douglas.

  1. Sad to read of the days when ‘forbidden love’ could destroy people, both their lives and careers. ‘Bosie’ never comes across well, in any account I have read. Wilde’s life may well have taken a different path, had they never met.
    Best wishes, Pete. x

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  2. If I remember rightly, ‘Bosie’, after Wilde’s trial and conviction, went on to become a born-again preacher. Wilde, for his part, after serving two years of dangerous hard labour under the Labouchere Amendment, only recently passed at the time, went on to become bankrupt and a social pariah in the atmosphere of the time and was forced into exile in France. It’s interesting that the charge made against Wilde misspelled his supposed offence. His comment to ‘Bosie’s’ father I love too: when B senior forced a putrid cabbage into his hand, Wilde replied, ‘Whenever I smell these, I shall think of you’.

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