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I wanted to let you know, kind friends and followers, that I am pulling back on my furious pace. There is always a problem with bandwidth and a decent connection in this part of Crete and I’ve now discovered that the worst offender when it comes to eating up gigabytes is not the uploading of my art to the various galleries or downloading free images to work on, as I’d thought, but the visiting of so many blogs to like and comment!

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This is very frustrating as it’s important to me to give as much as I can in the support of others. I always knew I would have to cut the amount of time I was spending on myriad blogs at some point because it leaves me no time or energy to commit to my art which rather makes a nonsense of doing it in the first place! I’ve always tried to keep up with followers who post four or more times a day but oh my, it’s tough and I just can’t do it. Ordinary (and often extraordinary) life has to play a part, including sitting on the sofa eating chocolates and watching Casablanca, Day for Night or the Sharpe series with Sean Bean for the umpteenth time. Very heaven.

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If you’re on Twitter, then you will probably know that @RoundTeam retweets my followers’ tweets. but there will be far less of me tweeting direct from blog posts. I will give priority to those who actively support me here and to those history or theatre-related posts that I plan to re-blog on First Night History or Rogues & Vagabonds.

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As for future blog posts, these may not be every day. And during the next week, I will be spending time updating my Zazzle Design and Zazzle Vintage stores as too many pieces from the last few months are limited to cards, postcards, stamps and posters. I don’t sell every product that Zazzle produces but it takes a lot of time to do even the reduced number.

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And so, I bid you adieux until we meet again. Have a splendid Halloween!

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My work can be bought at the following galleries and on various products:
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Take care and keep laughing!


61 thoughts on “First Night Design | Reclining in Comfort #TimeManagement

  1. Good for you Sarah! I’ve often seen your retweets popping up on twitter, your reblogs and your own posts too and wondered how you found time to do it all! I know from my own small efforts how time-consuming it is and a girl does need time for herself occasionally! I shall think of you reclining on a chaise-longue, bunches of grapes and chocolates close at hand cheering on Sean Bean! Take care, best wishes Jane x

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  2. Enjoy your relaxation and old films, Sarah. The ‘Last Kingdom’ series has started on TV. It has some historical inaccuracies (pumpkins in the 9th century) but has been enjoyable for the two episodes so far, in an old-fashioned way. I will update when it is complete.
    Best wishes as always, and thanks for all you have done to promote my blog too. Pete. x

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    1. Thanks for Last Kingdom update and for the good wishes regarding my relaxation. Of course, now I want to check that pumpkins definitely weren’t growing in the wild in the 9th century! Thank you for your support, Pete!


    1. The stress is still with me as I always have to reply to comments at my galleries and like and comment on other artists and oh, oh, oh. Don’t worry about keeping in touch as I still intend to keep up with my most loyal followers like you who constantly like and comment! xx


      1. Sounds like we are both at the same place. As you say its not just the writing of blogs, but commenting etc. I am also just commenting on the blogs I follow…..Keep smiling, Sarah…I think we will both feel much better – de-stressed:):)xxx

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  3. I will be SO miss our little “chats” Sarah. You have been my inspiration (albeit for next year but hey, there’s a lot happening in the next two months) to learn and do more with my photos on the computer but quite understand about both the bandwith and time. Time seems to be an enemy of so many – my darling mother in her nursing home complains time goes so slowly; I on the other hand complain it goes much too fast. Do share when you find that happy medium! xx

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    1. You’re a sweetheart, Joanne. Our chats will continue as I’m still going to make a point of keeping up with my loyal followers like you. Still trying to find a happy medium. Yesterday, even though I deleted many blog notifications, I found I’d used nearly a gb replying and commenting at my art galleries! Hey ho. xx

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  4. I find it impossible to keep up with daily posts, Sarah. I set my ‘Manage Notifications’ to weekly, and catch up when I have time. You mustn’t sacrifice your art, so you’re right to give that the time it deserves. Hope you have a lovely weekend and enjoy those yummy chocolates.

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    1. Thanks so much, Jean. I have to say that it’s much easier to keep up with your posts because they’re not every day. I tried the weekly but it was still too overwhelming! My problem is being far too curious about the world and that’s what makes me click on too many blogs. Happy weekend to you too!

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      1. I know what you mean. I do the same and click on a reblogged post and that leads to another post and before I know it, I’m deep into the bowels of blogworld, lol. Have a lovely weekend Sarah, and take a well earned break from cyberland. 🙂

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  5. Its very hard to keep up with all the wonderful blogs and lovely bloggers we like to follow. I understand how you feel, I’m sure we all do. Good luck with your design business.

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  6. I understand my friend, it’s not an easy balance – creating, posting, and then visiting other blogs. But, ah we forget that we have another life as well. I will see you through your posts and take a wonderful break, well deserved!!

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  7. I hear ya, kiddo .. this online stuff can be very time consuming. Worry not!!! But I for one will continue to keep an eye out for postings from you in my email … always a joy to connect, dear lady!!! Say hi to Crete (ooo yummy!!) for me … I didn’t get to visit there … maybe some day, though!!!

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  8. Enjoy your chocolate and don’t worry about the rest do what is most important first and the rest will follow when and if you can , I myself am trying all ways to cope with everything but reading other blogs it not not just me and you kid…so chocolate sounds a great option from here 🙂 Have a nice day 🙂

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  9. Sounds like you’ve got a lot on. Watching Sharpe is not to be taken lightly – we’ve just started rewatching them for the first time since they were aired, it will be Sharpe’s Company tonight, only the third episode! Still so many hours to go.
    Have you seen the Frankenstein Chronicles yet with Sean Bean? It’s like a Sharpe, ‘what happened 20 years later’ (although it’s not officially the same character!)

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