First Night Design | #PhotoRehabCoverMakeover #17 On Golden Pond

#photorehabcovermakeover Week 17 On Golden Pond
#photorehabcovermakeover Week 17 On Golden Pond

Believe it or not, it’s Week 17 of the Photo Rehab Cover Makeover run by Desley Jane of Musings of a Frequent Flying Scientist and Lucile of Lucile de Goday. The 1981 film, On Golden Pond, was this week’s challenge. I thought: log house, loons and water. I did search for loons but found nothing that would meld comfortably into the whole.

I used a photograph from Unsplash that was taken by Vidar Kristiansen. I ‘mashed’ it up a little so that it was darker where I needed the typefaces to show clearly, and gave it a marginally sunnier glow.

I enjoyed the film and was always fascinated by it, not least because of the troubled relationship between father and daughter on-screen and off. Henry Fonda was a cold and overbearing father to Jane and her brother Peter. The actress bought the screen rights to the stage play of On Golden Pond by Ernest Thompson because it mirrored their relationship.

on-golden-pondBuy On Golden Pond

Their mother, Frances Seymour, who was Fonda’s second wife, committed suicide in 1950. For the remaining parent to be so domineering must have been extraordinarily difficult for the children. Jane writes movingly on her website about her mother.

I was interested to learn that it was the first time that those two Hollywood icons, Hepburn and Fonda, had ever met, let alone worked together. Hepburn gave Fonda  a ‘lucky’ hat that had belonged to her long-time love, Spencer Tracy, on the first day of shooting. It is the same hat Fonda wears in the film.

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Take care and keep laughing!


22 thoughts on “First Night Design | #PhotoRehabCoverMakeover #17 On Golden Pond

  1. A great cover. Katie Hepburn was her usual brilliant self in the film and Jane Fonda surprised me with how well she acted herself in the part. I wondered how Henry Fonda felt playing himself out in the part.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

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  2. I remember this as one of the first modern mainstream films that properly explored the ‘Oldie’ theme, and difficult family relationships. Your cover works very well, as the photograph on the original is unnecessary.
    As always, Sarah, you gave it the perfect treatment.
    Best wishes, Pete. x


  3. Another wonderful cover, and I must say this film means a lot to me, because when I lived in the States, as a family we spent part of the summer each year on Squam Lake, New Hampshire (which is Golden Pond in the film) We used to stay in the house of a wonderful Aunt of my husbands, who by the way headed the Loon Protection Society…(or something like that) who felt very superior because the same maid that worked in the house that Hepburn was staying in also worked for her (Aunt Dee)… have to laugh. Squam Lake – AKA Golden Pond is indeed a magnificent place and one of the few Grade A lakes in the USA. Harvard University owns a lot of the land around the lake….it was such a great place for all of us to enjoy and I have to say that Aunt Dee, even with her delusions of grandeur was one of my favourite people:) Thank you and keep smiling:) Janet. xx

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  4. This is beautiful Sarah. I seem to have fallen rather behind with these challenges – hopefully next week being a new month I’ll once again find my mojo… hopefully, lol! 🙂

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