First Night Design | The Magic Lighthouse #Art

The Magic Lighthouse © Sarah Vernon
The Magic Lighthouse © Sarah Vernon

The original photograph is by Joshua Hibbert at Unsplash and I had enormous fun changing the dimensions of each element and layering the result with a couple of my textures, one orange and one a grungy yellowy cream. The outsize marigold is from The Graphics Fairy. I guess you might call it a cross between surrealism and magic realism.

Using exactly the same combination of photo and textures, Mr FND created his own surrealistic take.

Lighthouse © Mr FND
Lighthouse © Mr FND

“Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.”
Roald Dahl

Buy a framed print from Fine Art England
Buy a framed print from Fine Art England
How about a shower curtain from Fine Art America?
How about a shower curtain from Fine Art America?!


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Take care and keep laughing!


43 thoughts on “First Night Design | The Magic Lighthouse #Art

  1. Very beautiful, Sarah. I love the colours. And what a fabulous shower curtain the image makes! Do, please, tell Mr FND that I like his rather striking version, too. 🙂

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  2. I love lighthouses (and windmills and castles too) so really liked the original as well. However, your close-up treatment, and the rich colours, turned this into something special.
    Best wishes, Pete. x

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  3. I love that shower curtain! It reminded me of my grandad, who was a signwriter by trade, he pused to paint scenes directly onto his bathroom wall – flamingos, palm trees, deserted beach – so when we laid in the bath it looked as though you were bobbing about in the sea! The shower curtain would’ve been a good addition! Alas, all gone now as this was in the 70s and my grandparents died in 2000 & 2003 – I doubt if the painting is still on the wall of their old house. #BlogShareLearn

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    1. How fabulous! It’s such a shame when work like this is painted over by later owners. My aunt is an artist and painted a wonderful tree in our childhood bedroom that went up the wall and onto the ceiling. The wall was the tree in daytime with accompanying birds and the ceiling was nighttime with owls and moon and stars. No doubt long painted over (it was in the late ’50s, early ’60s) and I don’t think anyone ever took a photograph. Perhaps your grandad’s and my aunt’s art will be discovered in a century’s time and restored for all to see. 🙂 Much thanks for commenting, Linda.

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