Bring out the Bath Chairs! 13 Cm X 18 Cm Invitation Card

I created the invitation above very soon after I joined Zazzle. I was uploading my images onto greeting cards, which was taking an inordinate amount of time, and I thought I must offer other products as soon as possible. It remained on its lonesome until I came across it accidentally the other day. Time, I thought, to create some other products with this vintage bath chair.

Did you know that bath chairs are extremely comfortable? They beat a wheelchair hands down. Having said that, I only have one experience of a Victorian bath chair. I was appearing in a production of an early play by Alan Bennett, Forty Years On. My character did not use the bath chair but you can be damn sure I made use of it out of hours, so to speak!

Bring out the Bath Chairs! Stationery
Bring out the Bath Chairs! Stationery

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Take care and keep laughing!