The image above is my first book cover, which came about because of an approach by Italian writer, Cristian Borghetti, who had come across my original, The Gloria Swanson Tattoo, and thought it would work perfectly for his novel, Le cabinet Masson. I couldn’t have been more delighted. I happen to love the font he’s used, which I was not responsible for but I probably would have chosen something very similar.

Blurb from Amazon (translated by Google and me!):

The painting ‘After the Ink’ by American Dorian Cleavenger was the inspiration for ​​Borghetti’s novel, Le cabinet Masson.

The opera, set in Paris in 1912, in the heart of the Belle Epoque, is a journey into humanity itself, in its instincts, in its passions, in its dark sides.

“The end justifies the means” is the Machiavellian motto of the main character, who is ambitious and unscrupulous, and believes in chasing fame, success, glory and his goal of becoming the best known and most influential tattoo artist in Paris, Europe and the world.

His meeting with the most famous model and femme du monde of Paris seems the springboard by which he can reach long-awaited Olympus artists immortality; in fact, this meeting, in which he tattoos  his indelible mark on her body, becomes the beginning of his fall.

Unwillingly involved in the murder of the woman, the protagonist has to deal with his choices, by his actions, often reckless, dictated by selfishness, by ambition and unbridled lust.

Surrounded by enemies unknown, the victim of a pattern of vendetta that has its roots in his own past, with only the support of a police officer convinced of his innocence, the man tries to survive the total debacle of his dreams and his ambitions, to the loss, not only of fame, the wealth, friendships, true and convenience, but, in the crescendo of a tragic ending, of his own life.

The story sounds intriguing. Le cabinet Masson is currently available at Amazon in print and for Kindle but only in Italian. Cristian hopes to publish a translation into English in the near future. However, if you speak and read Italian, go for it!

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