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Sound. We don’t pay enough attention to it.

We all have our favourite evocative smells – lemon verbena, petrichor, Atlantic cliff gorse on a summer afternoon… I think I can identify at least half a dozen Cornish sea fish by their smell alone.

But favourite sounds? That takes more thought. Close to the top of my list would be the sound of crab plovers – the lilting contact calls they make – that grow, then fade, as they migrate along the Indian Ocean coast on clear nights; the sound of torrential rain drumming on taught canvas; the laughing, chattering call of a chough…

Sound has the ability to enthral. I remember my delight when, as a teenager, I was first introduced to the sound of a limpet feeding, by natural historian and mentor, Roger Burrows. It was low tide, at dusk, on a beach in South Cornwall. When I lowered my ear next to a foraging limpet, I could hear, quite clearly, the tiny scraping sound that the limpet’s radula made as it rasped back and forwards at the film of algae. Try it, I guarantee it will bring a smile.

All too often though, natural sounds drift pass us, as we are too plugged in to let them in. In an urban environment the ambient noise level can be so high that…

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8 thoughts on “The Elephant Movie – the sound of it | Mark Deeble

  1. Excellent post….as you know here in SW London we have the terrible sound of too many aeroplanes…..although I have to say in Hampton, not too bad….as of yet! We do forget how sound – beautiful sound and antagonistic sound affects us profoundly…..I will always opt for Nature’s beautiful sounds….Thanks Sarah:)

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    1. At the moment, we can’t hear anything except the cicadas which are extraordinarily loud this year! Normally we hear the goats and the sheep and an occasional peacock. Although we do see and hear the military planes from Souda Bay, they’re not unbearable. Although we see them, we don’t often hear the tourist planes.


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