Picture Book of Animals

From the archives. Update on the cataract operation is that it still hasn’t happened!

First Night Design

This is a quick post as I go into hospital for a long-awaited cataract operation on Tuesday morning and will not be out until Thursday.

This design, which has just sold on a postcard, incorporates the cover of a vintage volume on my shelves of Routledge’s Picture Book of Animals.  All the embossed creatures are my addition. It’s the first sale and I’m rather pleased.

Take care and keep laughing!


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17 thoughts on “Picture Book of Animals

    1. I’ve still not got a date. There have been various cock-ups on the part of the hospital and I’ve got to go through the whole examination-through-to-op process again as from September!


    1. Didn’t happen in 2013 when I first published this post because they’d not taken note of all the pills I take; didn’t happen in 2014 because my chap wasn’t here to look after me afterwards. The whole process is starting again in September with the next examination. It’s very, very obvious now when you look at me! But thank you for your good wishes. 🙂

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          1. Oh Sarah, this really IS an ongoing saga isn’t it? This time may your stars be aligned – the ophthalmologist in good health, the prescriptions all read, someone there to attend to your every whim, and perhaps a cold drink or two if you’re allowed!

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  1. Good luck. My mother has to get another test later in the year but it’s likely she’ll have to have hers removed. Let’s hope this is the end of your complications.

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