Following Jane Morley‘s tagging of me for this challenge, my second quote is also something I stencilled on that bathroom wall I mentioned yesterday! It is part of a poem written by an eight-year-old boy, Motele, which was published in a Warsaw Ghetto newspaper, Gazeta Zydowoska, and translated from the Yiddish by Dr. Marie Syrkin. Dr. Syrkin included it in her book, Blessed is the Match: The Story of Jewish Resistance. Motele did not survive.

Child survivors at Auschwitz [Wikimedia]

Child survivors at Auschwitz [Wikimedia]

From tomorrow on I shall be sad – from tomorrow on.
Not today, no! Today I will be glad.
And every day, no matter how bitter it be, I will say:
From tomorrow on I shall be sad, not today!

It is an anthem for life and despite its sad provenance, it lifts my spirits immeasurably.

Here are three lovely people with three lovely blogs I’m tagging for the challenge. Dear friends, if you are pressed for time, please don’t feel you have to take part.

  • Anne of Vanilla Rock posts recipes for the most delicious food and works wonders with a Thermomix, a kitchen gadget about which I had never heard until I discovered Anne’s blog but that I now yearn to buy. You’re in for a treat!
  • Writer Adrienne Morris of Nothing Gilded, Nothing Gained posts about America’s Civil War, the setting for both her novels, providing fascinating historical snippets that feed my passion for history.
  • Silver Screenings is my idea of heaven. I was drawn into classic British, French and American movies as a child, so much so that I almost didn’t go on a school cruise when I was a teenager because one or other of the TV channels were to show Stagecoach with John Wayne and Clare Trevor while I was away. There was, of course, no way to record in the early ’70s. If your passion matches mine, you’ll love this blog.

Take care and keep laughing!