First Night Design | Did you know that Henri Rousseau…

Luxembourg Gardens. Monument to Chopin by Henri Rousseau

Did you know that the self-taught artist Henri Rousseau never left France and thus never saw a real jungle? No, neither did I.

‘For many years derided as a wacky amateur, Rousseau made his debut at the Salon des Indépendants with his work Carnival Evening (1886), a surprising start to his future career as an artist.’ ArtLark

La muse inspirant le poète
La muse inspirant le poète

‘Rousseau will never be remembered for exceptional talent or skill, yet his wild imagination gave birth to wonderfully individual images which can instantly be associated with his name – a name which he signed with large, awkward letters at the corner of each painting.’ ArtLark

La Charmeuse de serpents
La Charmeuse de serpents

Take care and keep laughing!


16 thoughts on “First Night Design | Did you know that Henri Rousseau…

    1. Me too. Keep smiling among your hummingbirds. I keep dreaming about being in Portugal with you and wake up to work out ways I can hold a paintbrush so that I can control strokes and not be in pain.


  1. Crumbs Sarah, there’s another little gem you’ve found for us that I didn’t know either and feel I really ought to have! He was splendid in his own ‘I don’t give a ….’ kind of way wasn’t he?! 🙂 I bet he told great bedtime stories!

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