First Night Design | Unexpected Pleasures

“Those who are easily shocked should be shocked more often.”
― Mae West

The Lady in the Big Hat #1 11 Cm X 14 Cm Invitation Card
The Lady in the Big Hat #1 11 Cm X 14 Cm Invitation Card

I am always curious to know what customers are drawn to most and since Zazzle keeps adding search categories ‘backstage’, I nosed around in the ‘Most Ordered’ using the all-time option. I couldn’t have been more surprised except for top spot going to The Playbills Binder as it’s the only product I know sells like hot cakes at Christmas.

I never sell what I expect to sell! I guess there’s a lesson in there somewhere that we should never assume owt nor think we know what the reality is.

Take care and keep laughing!


14 thoughts on “First Night Design | Unexpected Pleasures

  1. I love all of your work but especially those pieces with the rich, dark colours and particularly anything with a peacock in it!

    “I guess there’s a lesson in there somewhere that we should never assume owt nor think we know what the reality is.” I like that. I’m always intrigued by which of my freshly written poems get the biggest responses and those old ones that randomly or repeatedly pop up in my stats.

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    1. Which post did you read that in?! I do use it a lot when it comes to talking about putting the old slap on! Am I teaching my grandmother to suck eggs if I tell you it’s a French word? 😀


  2. Gorgeous. I also like the texture designs, and I love old images.
    I’ve come to the same conclusion about having no idea of what people will like. And that’s what makes the job of trying to sell anything so complicated. Sometimes it’s difficult enough to know what one wants, let aside anybody else!

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