First Night Design | Goose and Frog’s Easter Journey

Goose and Frog’s Easter Journey © Sarah Vernon
Goose and Frog’s Easter Journey © Sarah Vernon Buy from Zazzle UK or Zazzle US.

The original vintage image advertising Palmer’s Cologne (The Graphics Fairy) is very appealing, but I was compelled to alter it. Of course.

I created a textured background by blending several flower photographs and one ready-made texture from  2 Lil’ Owls.

The egg is taken from a photograph at the Rijksmuseum, courtesy of their facility for artists, Rijksstudio, of an ostrich egg on a base of gilded bronze, with a painted representation of a dance in the open air. The artist is unknown but it was created between 1760 and 1765.

Available at the following galleries:
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Zazzle US
Fine Art America
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Saatchi Art tba

Take care and keep laughing!


22 thoughts on “First Night Design | Goose and Frog’s Easter Journey

  1. Such beautiful artistry went into this stunning piece Sarah. What surprises me is the levels of thought that have to go into each layer, you have to be able to see in your minds’ eye where this is going. It’s very interesting reading about your process.

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    1. Thank you, Mary. A piece often comes together after a lot of experimentation and discarding of elements. I’m not even sure if my mind’s eye has anything to do with it! I’d describe it as a feeling allied to my love of certain shapes and colours and, of course, my knowledge and love for classic art. I’m happy that you find it interesting to read about.

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