Connection News: While I’m still trying to work out what I’m supposed to have downloaded onto my new computer that added up to 30 gb in just one week – I was very circumspect and made sure not to download more than 5gb per week, which is why I’m so confused – I’ve had more news from the locals about the connection in this area being exceedingly slow because the service provider is digging up the road.  Sound familiar!

Keep Calm & Then Scream Throw Pillow
Keep Calm & Then Scream Throw Pillow

Even when I get to next month’s bandwidth allowance – from 8th March – it’s still not going to be a great connection. Don’t you just love the 21st century? In any case, it is still making it very difficult to like or reply to your comments with any consistency, let alone visit and do the same on your blog posts. 

On a pleasurable note, I have been at play once more and created Dark Angels, a somewhat surreal piece in feel, even though it doesn’t actually contain anything in the scene that wouldn’t be there in life. I hope it tickles your fancy!

Textures from Kerstin Frank and 2 Lil’ Owls.
Birds photograph by Patryk Sobczak at Unsplash.
Venice building background from Didier Descouens on Wikimedia.

Available at the following galleries:
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Take care and keep laughing!