What can I say? I’m exhausted. The internet connection is so bad that I’ve decided to give up making the immense effort needed to simply ‘like’ blog posts or do anything much except prepare a post or two and reblog on First Night History and Rogues & Vagabonds. Ever heard of the expression ‘getting blood out of stone’? The good news is that the next bandwidth month starts on 8th February so expect a flurry of activity! There will be no flurry, mind you, if all this is the fault of the service provider and continues beyond the 8th. My thoughts are unprintable.


Someone has bought three cushion covers with The Swan Also Rises design. Occasionally life is good in the middle of technical despair!

Design available at the following galleries on various products:
Zazzle US
Zazzle UK
Fine Art America
Fine Art England

Take care and keep laughing!