News: I have a shiny new computer but a duff connection! It’s taken a day to create this post!

‘Coughs and sneezes spread diseases,’ as British comedian Tony Hancock (1924-1968) recited and sang (to the first few bars of Noel Coward’s London Pride which happen to match the first few bars of the German National Anthem) in the classic episode from Hancock’s Half Hour, The Blood Donor [1961].

At this time of year, we are all prone to the throat tickles that herald nasty coughs and colds. If you want to send something a little different to cheer up a suffering friend or relation, Medicinal Collage, created from a wealth of vintage health advertisements, is the perfect salve.

When I first added the design to Zazzle and chose my keywords, I included the word ‘cocaine’ (see top right advert). It’s been a long time since cocaine was freely available! I was told that unless I removed it as a keyword, I would not be able to sell the image. I was also not allowed to include that corner of the design on a US postage stamp. Ha!

Available at the following galleries:
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Take care and keep laughing!