I am still not able to create new images, in this instance for Valentine’s Day, which saddens me. I had hoped I would have received my new MacBook Pro by now but ‘Greek Time’ is something else! In the meantime, this is a post from a year ago about love and seahorses.

First Night Design

Valentine Seahorses
Valentine Seahorses Couples Mug
  • Did you know there are contradictions wherever you look as to whether seahorses mate for life? Most, it seems, are certainly monogamous during the courting season and can be so for several seasons after.
  • Did you know there are 35 species of seahorses?
  • Did you know that they’re very poor swimmers and can sometimes die of exhaustion in the process if the weather is particularly stormy?
  • Did you know they have chameleon-like eyes?
  • Did you know that their ‘courtship dance’ can last for 8 hours?
  • Did you know that the female of the species produces the eggs and inserts them into the male’s pouch?
  • Finally, did you know that several species of seahorse are in danger of extinction due to pollution, destruction of their usual tropical, shallow water habitats and the continuing practice of harvesting them for traditional Asian medicine?
Valentine Seahorses
Valentine Seahorses Greeting Card
Valentine Seahorses
Valentine Seahorses
Valentine Seahorses
Valentine Seahorses

Photo: yellow seahorse anchored to coral

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