Janet writes about the importance of realising that we are not alone on life’s journey and shows us an exquisite self-portrait painted in 1987 at a moment of transformation.

In other news, it’s one step forward and ten steps back. The loaned computer won’t connect to the internet and I’m back to data roaming on the mobile. Such is life.

Take care and keep laughing!

Sarah x

My Life as an Artist (2)

The story behind the painting…


It is a story about transformation and turning points….

As I write this, I am experiencing another period of transformation and given that the painting arrived with me in London on Monday, having been housed with friends in Wales for the past eleven years, it seems the perfect time to tell the story…..with the help of magical hummingbirds, of course:)


The portrait was painted in my large carriage house studio in West Chester, Pennsylvania.  The year was 1987.

Prescott Alley Studio, West Chester, Pennsylavnia. 

Scan 74

From as early as I can remember, up until the time of painting this portrait, I suffered from acute anxiety….a crippling anxiety, made worse by the fact that I did everything I could to hide it.   For the most part, aided and abetted by tranquillisers!

In 1987, my son was 21 years old and my daughter fourteen…and to all…

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