Quick update: We have been given a separate keyboard for the computer on loan and discovered that no one was able to connect to the internet yesterday because of the weather in this part of Crete including rarely-seen snow in Chania!

It will take quite a while to catch up with all the lovely comments you’ve left since the end of November so please bear with me and forgive me if my responses are limited to ‘liking’. I suspect that if I reply to all of you, I will never get back on track!

In the meantime, here are a couple of cushions I sold in the lead-up to Christmas.

Time for Tea #8 Teacup Pillow
Time for Tea #8 Teacup Pillow

The bad news – oh yes, there’s always bad news in my life! – my glasses, which admittedly don’t work brilliantly while I’m waiting for the cataract operation, have gone AWOL so that I’m having to screw up my good eye in order to read. C’est la vie.

Take care and keep laughing!