Valley Rose: Creating Products

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First Night Design

Valley Rose

This weekend I have been creating products at my First Night Design store on Zazzle with the Valley Rose design and enjoying it immensely.  I hadn’t planned a post today but I was so taken with the look of the Messenger bag that I wanted to share it.  (I can hear my late mother saying, ‘Get you! What makes you think you’re so clever?’)

Valley Rose Greeting Card
Valley Rose Gallery Wrap Canvas
Valley Rose
Valley Rose
Valley Rose
Valley Rose

With thanks to The Graphics Fairy for the original vintage rose.  Linking to Brag Monday.

Valley Rose on Zazzle.

Valley Rose on RedBubble.

Valley Rose on Fine Art America.

Valley Rose on Saatchi Online.

Take care and keep laughing!


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9 thoughts on “Valley Rose: Creating Products

  1. Ooh, I really love the lined envelopes! Swish stuff. Sorry Puff, I’ve been off-radar for a bit but hope all well with you. Very good news about your new laptop – it’s definitely time judging from the wacky typing at the start of this post!! xxx

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    1. Thanks, doll. The wacky typing is the loaned Windows pc which is loathsome but we’ve now been given an external keyboard. While waiting for the new MacBook, the old Mac is being repaired (if it can be). Hope you both had a brilliant time in Blighty, Puff. xxx


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