Scrooge: A Christmas Carol with Alastair Sim [video]

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This is the best film version of Charles Dickens’ classic tale bar none! Alastair Sim [1900–1976] was a sublime actor and farceur. I was lucky enough to see him on stage on several occasions including Peter Pan at the Scala Theatre, where he played Mr Darling and Captain Hook, and the title role in Arthur Wing Pinero’s farce, The Magistrate at the Criterion. Genius.

Director: Brian Desmond Hurst
Writing Credits: Charles Dickens … (adapted from A Christmas Carol)
Noel Langley: (adaptation and screenplay)

Cast (in credits order)

Alastair Sim …Ebenezer Scrooge

Kathleen Harrison …Mrs. Dilber

Mervyn Johns …Bob Cratchit

Hermione Baddeley …Mrs. Cratchit

Michael Hordern …Jacob Marley

George Cole …Young Ebenezer Scrooge

John Charlesworth …Peter Cratchit

Francis De Wolff …Spirit of Christmas Present (as Francis de Wolff)

Rona Anderson …Alice

Carol Marsh …Fan Scrooge

Brian Worth …Fred

Miles Malleson …Old Joe

Ernest Thesiger …The Undertaker

Glyn Dearman …Tiny Tim

Michael Dolan…

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7 thoughts on “Scrooge: A Christmas Carol with Alastair Sim [video]

  1. I watched it yesterday as I do every year. There have been other good versions including Patrick Stewart but nothing comes near this version for me.
    xxx Mammoth Hugs xxx I hope you’re having a Wonderful Day.

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  2. Alastair Sim in Scrooge: genius indeed. Even in the abomination that is the colorized version! ( “Bring me the head of Ted Turner!” ;)) Such a great film, certainly the best version, tho’ I will own to singing along – albeit tunelessly – to Thank You Very Much from the not-very-good musical version (apart from Anton Rodgers belting out that ditty, the other highlight is an extremely amusing turn from Alec Guinness as Marley!)… Ahem.

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