I do apologize for not responding to your comments at the moment. I will make good as soon as I have a working computer. In the meantime, in between time, ain’t we got fun with this charming tale from the 1850s from Mrs Daffodil Digresses.
Take care and keep laughing!
Sarah x

Mrs Daffodil Digresses

orianda house Orianda House, on the Winan’s Crimea Estate near Baltimore, Maryland


“The Crimea is the home of a country estate within pleasant driving distance of the city of Baltimore, belonging to Mr. Thomas Winans of Russian railway fame.

Close by the suburban mansion is a cottage, or rather, an elegant and commodious playhouse, which Santa Claus erected in a single night for the Winans children about twenty years since. Grace Greenwood, a frequent guest of the family, says of it:

“The small mansion was constructed in sections, and the furniture manufactured to order in town; everything marvelously complete. The children knew nothing of it. There was nothing on the lawn before their windows when they went to bed on Christmas Eve, but while they slept there were mysterious arrivals of wagons and workmen from Baltimore, and great doings by moonlight and lamplight. All night they worked, the…

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