First Night Design | Birdcage Blossom Revisited

I recently sold a couple of Birdcage Blossom postcards. Which was nice! And I thought I’d show you some of the other products with the design as suggestions for Christmas.

Birdcage Blossom 
Birdcage Blossom Hip Flasks

Birdcage Blossom
Birdcage Blossom Wrapping Paper

Take care and keep laughing!


19 thoughts on “First Night Design | Birdcage Blossom Revisited

  1. I love this design Sarah, impossibly cute on everything, but I especially like the watch! Well done for your sale. 🙂

    How are you finding Zazzle? I’m on Fine Art America but no sales as yet, Im wondering if I should just keep it as a hobby, whats your opinion hun, do you think its worth bothering with?

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    1. Much thanks, Amanda! I would definitely advise joining Zazzle. That’s where most of my earnings, such as they are, come from. I’ve made a few pennies on FAA and a few pounds on Redbubble but Zazzle continues to pay dividends.

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