The Sunday Show – Sarah Vernon – Actress, Artist and Writer

It was a treat to answer Sally Cronin’s questions for her Smorgasbord blog and this was the result. Thank you, Sally, for allowing me to burble at length!

11 thoughts on “The Sunday Show – Sarah Vernon – Actress, Artist and Writer

  1. Fabulous interview! Love Janet and hope you can find time for the memoir (and we’ll be here waiting). What a great list of guests too…I hope you keep reposting your interviews as I keep discovering true jewels. 🙂

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  2. Sarah, that was wonderful! You *are* fascinating, you certainly mustn’t attempt to hide your lamp under a bushel – besides it would burn the bushel, a burning bushel! (Yes, I know that doesn’t make sense, but the lure of a horrible pun was too much to resist! As is the profligate use of exclamation points, alas!) I feel a kinship in your loathing for injustice, it unleashes a fury within me, and I admire anyone with your attitude.
    I am extremely pleased to hear you say Michael Aldridge was a marvellous man, he was a fine actor with a mellifluous voice. How admirable it was that he sacrificed to care for his wife, and how tragic that he died so soon preceding her. Also, it was warming to read that Kate O’Mara and Windsor were pleasant people. It was so sorrowing to discover the unpleasant things that had happened to Ms O’Mara, though the enjoyment she derived from acting was a boon.
    It causes me an ache to learn of the lack of encouragement you received (or, rather, didn’t), but it makes your accomplishments in the face of that and other adversities all the more magnificent. I must confess to amusement at your mother being busy being mad! I would not use the term bipolarity to describe my father’s problem, the term “solipsistic ignorant Uriah Heepish nutcase” would do nicely as a description OF him tho’, most of the time!
    Oh, and of course, your ex-husband was Roy Heather… I had read that but forgotten. You have my deepest sympathies for your loss.
    Um, well, I have rambled enough tho’ there is much more I could say; I very much enjoyed reading this interview. Brava!

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    1. I’m delighted, Mr K, that you enjoyed the interview so much. There is more I could say in reply but I’m drowning in emails! Thank you for your enduring support. I will have it washed, pressed and returned within the week. Oh, the old jokes are the best and you can’t get much older than that one.


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