A Gift

Bullying is very damaging. This is a simple message but explains in no uncertain terms the lasting effects. It has to stop.

Callum McLaughlin

Anti-bullying awareness Anti-bullying awareness

October is anti-bullying month. The fact we even need to set aside time to raise awareness for this saddens me and this is a topic I could ramble on about for hours, but sometimes simplicity is best. In light of this, all I am going to say is that while bullying may seem to some people like a meaningless or even fun moment of frivolity, the mental scars you give others will never leave them. Never.

Happiness is a wonderful gift; please don’t ever be the one responsible for taking it away from someone else.

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11 thoughts on “A Gift

  1. An important post. It is so true that the wounds of bullying (no matter how inconsequential the words or actions may seem to the bully) – as with the wounds of betrayal – often never heal, they bleed ever and anon. Like the unhealing wound of the Fisher King. Confidence and hearts ruined. The world can be left seeming a cold and desolate place, more even than it already is. In truth, I am unable to comprehend the lack of empathy at the root of the present’s proliferating bullying, altho’ society’s willingness to scapegoat and castigate the weak, fragile, and vulnerable while cheering the impervious, arrogant, and successful no matter how venal, vile, and vacuous (ah, alliteration) they be might – just might – provide a clue.

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