Watercolours With Life: Windrush Gallery Annual Exhibition 2014: October 11th -20th

A heartfelt post by Jean Haines about being inspired by other watercolour artists and being exhibited at the Windrush Gallery alongside one of her heroes, James Fletcher -Watson.

What an amazing few weeks have passed.  My solo opened at the Wey Gallery, paintings were collected from my cottage for a group exhibition in Cheltenham and  I completed my new book. I am now eagerly awaiting my watercolour tour in Australia so I wouldn’t expect any more excitement in my art life. But I am mistaken. Something truly wonderful happened and behind the computer screen, typing this blog post, is a very emotional artist.

It is so strange how fate takes a hand in ones’ life, as it certainly does with mine. I recently wrote a feature for The Artist Magazine which includes a watercolour competition. In the same October issue I was thrilled to see a demonstration by one of my  all time favourite watercolourists, David Howell. I first fell in love with Davids’ work when I lived in Dubai. I was exhibiting at the Majilis Gallery there and was immediately drawn to the clarity, colour and beauty in his style which captured atmosphere so fantastically. At the foot of Davids’  magazine feature was a mention of  “The Pure Watercolour Society”. I had never heard of this society until reading the feature and intended to contact them but as aways, my life was so hectic. Time to do so wasn’t there and so thought of doing so was temporarily postponed.

However I did keep thinking about the society. Here I possibly should explain that my heart often sinks at Art Society exhibitions which claim the title ” Watercolour” and yet seem to exhibit more acrylics, collages and mixed media than the true medium I am in love with.  When I teach workshops I am constantly asked if…

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