Flowers growing just outside the local church [η εκκλησία]


We call it a Greek Salad but I’ve heard the locals call it a ‘country salad’ [σαλάτα]


Our beloved Cretan mongrel when he was a little younger. Most of the time he’s a good little dog! [καλό σκυλάκι]

Mr FND and I have become ex-pats by moving to the Greek island of Crete, the reasons for which will be revealed in a later post. It is the best decision we have ever made.

Take care and keep laughing! [Να είστε καλά και να κρατήσει το γέλιο!]

I will have to check with my online writer friend, Nicholas C Rossis, that this last translation is correct as we have not yet mastered the language. It will happen!