Simple Suppers – Chinese Braised Pork Belly

Time for another recipe as it’s been far too long since I posted one. Not one of mine this time but a delicious-sounding Chinese Braised Pork Belly from A Recipe for Gluttony, which I could do with now after being unable to eat properly over the last few days for obvious reasons (see Reason for Absence and RIP Roy Heather).


Chinese Braised Pork Belly

This is the first recipe in our simple suppers series. We will be posting more in the coming months & are keen to hear your favourite ideas for quick, healthy meals.

Depending on your viewpoint pork belly might not seem like a particularly healthy meal. I think it is fine to eat sometimes & have included this recipe as it is nutritious, easy to prepare and is really tasty. You can take some of the fat off the pork – I did this after cooking so that the meat stayed soft & moist & flavoursome. The braise takes a little while but if you shove it in a low oven or slow cooker it does not need watching. It should take 10 minutes before and about 5 minutes to finish off after cooking.

Chinese rice wine is widely available and useful for lots of dishes so it is worth…

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