Japanned Butterflies © Sarah Vernon

Japanned Butterflies © Sarah Vernon Art Prints, Framed Prints & Canvases

japan | dʒəˈpan |
noun [ mass noun ]
a hard, dark, enamel-like varnish containing asphalt, used to give a black gloss to metal objects.
• a kind of varnish in which pigments are ground, typically used to imitate lacquer on wood.
• articles made in a Japanese style, especially when decorated with lacquer or enamel-like varnish.

verb (japansjapanningjapannedwith obj. ] cover (something) with a hard black varnish: (as adj. japanneda japanned tin tray.

Japanning describes the European imitation of Asian lacquerwork, originally used on furniture.

ORIGIN late 17th cent.: from Japan.
(Apple Dictionary)

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