First Night Design | Sea Breeze and ‘Old Grog’

Sea Breeze © Sarah Vernon
Sea Breeze © Sarah Vernon

As you might be able to tell, I’ve been playing around with the vintage yacht picture from The Graphics Fairy that I used for Sailing into Harbour.

The sea is in my blood from generations of sailors on my father’s side, including Admiral Edward Vernon, as in the Battle of Portobello (or Porto Bello), Panama, in 1739. The Admiral’s nickname, ‘Old Grog’, was coined because of the coat of ‘grogram’ that he wore, and ‘grog’ then came to mean the watered-down rum he instigated; this was not to stop his sailors getting drunk but to keep the water as fresh as it could be.  He also introduced lemon or lime juice to stave off scurvy. Vernon’s crew were known to be much healthier than others though the link between vitamin C and good health was not proved until later. The practice was later adopted throughout the Royal Navy.

Admiral Edward "Old Grog" Vernon. Portrait by Thomas Gainsborough [Wikipedia]
Admiral Edward “Old Grog” Vernon. Portrait by Thomas Gainsborough [Wikipedia]

Take care and keep laughing!


14 thoughts on “First Night Design | Sea Breeze and ‘Old Grog’

  1. Terrific story Sarah about the ‘grog’ – I interviewed Charles Tobias of Pusser’s Rum when he was in the UK donating money to the Royal Navy charity. We covered the history of rum in the 30 minutes or so and in fact he brought up the subject of your illustrious ancestor when we were talking about the rum ration… love the design….

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    1. Much thanks for the compliment, Sally. I am very fortunate to have such interesting ancestors. And I learn something new all the time. I suspected but had never chased it up that Mount Vernon was named after him and I discovered today that it was the case because Washington’s brother served under the admiral. By the way, I have two new batteries in my mob scooter so life is better again!

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