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Absinthe is likely to become all the rage again now that Pernod has reintroduced the drink using its original 1805 formula.  Should you have been in company with the likes of Charles Baudelaire, Henri Toulouse-Lautrec or Oscar Wilde, it would have been de rigeur. Many European countries have banned it at one time or another  because the enticing green liquid is highly intoxicating and considered hallucinogenic. The one exception where banning was concerned is Spain.  Spain has never banned the spirit. Yes, it’s a spirit, not a liqueur, as I learned today.

The French coined the term la fée verte (‘the green lady’ or ‘green fairy’), and, while its known associations have most often been with the likes of Wilde and Lautrec, it is described on the Absinthe 101 site as ‘especially democratic. In the 1840s…

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