Through a Glass Darkly at RedBubble

As I’m still catching up from my lack-of-internet-adventure, here’s another post from the archive.

First Night Design

Hello, My Friends,

It seems I can never have enough images from, yes, you’ve guessed, The Graphics Fairy!  On this occasion I used a beautiful peacock I’d had for a while but not found a use for.  And then, by accident, I found it.

Through a Glass Darkly started with ‘off-cuts’ from a another design to which I added a page from an old family album, a photograph of a window and various textures.  I made a lot of blending changes in Photoshop until I was pleased with the result.  However, it wasn’t until I added the peacock so that it could be seen through the window that I knew the piece was finished.

Having now set up my gallery at RedBubble, I’m delighted to say that this latest design has proved popular with my fellow artists.  I do hope you like it and would love to hear…

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