Blue Bird of Happiness harks back to my early collages such as Postcard Kingfisher or Bird in the Hand for which I used vintage postcard backs with lovely squiggly handwriting. In this instance, I have layered several antique French papers (2 Lil’ Owls) at different angles, and added a bird and a Delphinium (The Graphics Fairy). That simple? No! A collage like this requires careful placement, colour changes and various blending modes until it works as whole.

Now, I know that a bluebird is a bluebird not a blue bird but I wanted mine to be different and so a blue bird it will remain! Although ‘the bluebird of happiness’ is a well-known phrase, I was actually thinking of my all-time favourite Gary Larson cartoon when I decided what to call the collage.


‘The Bluebird of Happiness long absent from his life, Ned was visited by the Chicken of Depression.’


Take care and keep laughing!