Assisted Dying


If I want and need my life to end
Before Death comes to set me free,
I hope that if I need to ask,
I’ll get the help I seek for me.

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6 thoughts on “Assisted Dying

  1. Why can an individual be praised for taking up some life-threatening sport, say, knowing what the result could be? Yet that same person, knowing his/her time is limited, and to spare pain, wants to end life as (s)he chooses. This brings down on his/her head moral outrage and legal obstacles, usually quoting some Commandment or other. Is a terminally ill person necessarily an idiot, succumbing to supposed pressure?

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  2. Hi Sarah, I so thought it was against the law, but when my mom was dying in nevada, they took her off her food and I wasn’t there…they were letting her die. I just happened to call that night and the nurse told me what they had done…I had been trying to get a whole of the doctor for almost a week. i did hear from him the very next morning, I was furious and I asked him why he took her off her Iv…he said oh I can put her back answer!!..I told him do it and my family and I will be there as soon as possible..
    We got there and she was in alot of pain…The nurse asked me if I knew about comfort care…I said no…she said we give her morphine and this way she is not in pain and dies peacefully…There is such a long story to this but of course I don’t want to go into that…to heartbreaking…
    So I believe and have talked to others that there family members had the same thing done…to help them die peacefully…But then I wonder as Michael mentioned if she wanted them to do it..would they. no I don’t think so….or do they just take the liberty in a hospital to do what they want..I think so…so complex…I am Catholic and it was in a Catholic hospital..I couldn’t give the ok…her husband had to…and he hadn’t been there…so we had to wait 3 more days before the ok…and my poor mom was in so much pain…
    I probably shouldn’t have wrote but I felt I should…I
    I was in a coma for about 3 weeks 4 years ago..they didn’t expect me to live ..long story..but prayer helped me get thru it…the reason I am mentioning this is that when I finally came out of it..I was still in ICU for a while..and everyday and nite their were people screaming in pain…and then silence..I often wondered if they were just letting them die or did they give them something…I hope they did..

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    1. It’s a very difficult choice but I do think the choice should be there. When my mother was dying, the doctor asked me what I wanted done and I chose the least painful option, which I know required the withdrawal of drugs that were keeping her alive and the continuation of morphine. It was very peaceful. I had not thought that I would be given the choice and was surprised when the doctor spoke to me. I tend to think that while the debate rages on, a lot of the medical profession quietly make the right decisions that give their patients a painless and dignified dying. Having said that, I think you’re right in that had your mother actually asked to die, the request would have been refused out of hand. Horrified to hear you’ve had your own brush with death.


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