Selling my namesake is a thing devoutly to be wished, and we’ll ignore the fact that when Hamlet used the phrase, he was talking about suicide! This postcard of the great French actress, Sarah Bernhardt — The Divine Sarah — is winging its way to a customer.

‘My fame had become annoying for my enemies, and a little trying, I confess, for my friends.’ My Double Life: Memoirs of Sarah Bernhardt (1907) Wikiquote

‘Once the curtain is raised, the actor ceases to belong to himself. He belongs to his character, to his author, to his public. He must do the impossible to identify himself with the first, not to betray the second, and not to disappoint the third. And to this end the actor must forget his personality and throw aside his joys and sorrows. He must present the public with the reality of a being who for him is only a fiction. With his own eyes, he must shed the tears of the other. With his own voice, he must groan the anguish of the other. His own heart beats as if it would burst, for it is the other’s heart that beats in his heart. And when he retires from a tragic or dramatic scene, if he has properly rendered his character, he must be panting and exhausted.’ The Art of the Theatre (1925) Wikiquote

‘We ought to hate very rarely, as it is too fatiguing; remain indifferent to a great deal, forgive often and never forget.’ My Double Life: Memoirs of Sarah Bernhardt (1907) Wikiquote


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