First Night Design | The Proposal

The Proposal © First Night Design
The Proposal © First Night Design

And so the handwritten document from The Cry of the Peacock and the First Night History header comes into play again! This I combined with a lovely, messy texture of orangey-yellow that I created some time ago. Needless to say, it took a while before the perfect image to overlay became apparent. I had time on my hands with an internet connection playing fast and loose so what better way to spend the hours? No, that animal wouldn’t do. Oh, no, those flowers look appalling. The lady with the parasol? I don’t think so.

It was only when I discovered a free image in my folder from Vintage Art Download, run by the wonderfully talented Mindy Sommers, that this piece was made whole. The image was the famous painting from 1906 by Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema, Ask Me No More, which takes its title from the poem by Tennyson. You know me! I can’t help tinkering, even with the Masters.

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Take care and keep laughing!


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