Disability and Creativity: Alexander Pope

4 thoughts on “Disability and Creativity: Alexander Pope

  1. There are two competing ideas in the public mind: that a ‘disabled’ person is no good for anything or, as senseless, that nature compensates by bestowing some special gift. It doesn’t. What can happen is that someone whose disability prevents some everyday activities has more time to concentrate on what specially interests him/her. It can be art, say, music, sport or, in my case, languages and linguistics. We don’t have these abilities because we’re disabled. We’d have them anyway, but have more time to concentrate on them.

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  2. I left you a comment not realizing it was on art lark… I’m on my reader, something I’m increasingly dissatisfied with, this being only one reason. Anyway, thank you for sharing the sad state of physicality overcome mentally by Pope! His suffering must have been immense!

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