First Night Design | ‘Useful & Acceptable Gifts’ | Table Card Holders

These table card holders are a new product at my Zazzle store and, while categorised under Cooking and Dining, have so many uses. I have bought other versions in previous decades to hold photographs, important notes—in fact anything that needed to be displayed or act as a reminder. As the inimitable Joyce Grenfell might have said, as she did in her Institute Lecture Demonstration monologue, they make ‘useful and acceptable gifts’!

Incidentally,  Joyce Grenfell was related to the Astors (her mother, Nora Langhorne, was sister  to Nancy Astor)  while her architect father, Paul Phipps, was a second cousin to the American actress and monologist, Ruth Draper.  If my American visitors have not heard of Joyce Grenfell, think Draper but very British! And explore her work.  She was a consummate performer.

Joyce Grenfell Warren
Joyce Grenfell by Allan Warren

Glass Ceiling

This is not the Joyce Grenfell monologue mentioned above but the classic Nursery School, affectionately known as George? Don’t do that.

Take care and keep laughing!


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