First Night Design | Just Dropping In To Say I Love You

Just Dropping In Valentine Spiral Note Book by FirstNightDesign

Just dropping in to suggest a few more ideas for Valentine’s Day from FirstNightDesignyesterdays girlquipologyfat_fa_tinblunt cardellesgreetingshaveuhurd and golden_oldies.

A Night to Remember Valentine Pillow
A Night to Remember Valentine Pillow by FirstNightDesign

I can’t speak for my colleagues on Zazzle but FirstNight Designs have matching products available.

Take care and keep laughing!


3 thoughts on “First Night Design | Just Dropping In To Say I Love You

  1. Oooooh, my favourite is…….Bird in the hand cards 😉 easy!

    Golly, this brings me back to when I was working in the greetings card industry – I’d be pushing Valentines cards down the buyers throats in September October/November – Christmas started in January!
    Puffin, do you do all the trade shows? NEC Spring and Autumn Fairs? Top Drawer? Pulse?


    1. I’m so glad. One of my favourites too! When I first started investigating what I could do in the way of greeting cards, I went to all those trade shows to research but in the end, that alone got too stressful, particular after visiting Birmingham once too often! I had to think about a way of doing things that took as little out of me as possible and, to cut a long story short, POD sites like Zazzle proved the best option and cuts out so much of the admin that I can pick up and drop the work according to the state of my health.


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