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Oh, oh, the shenanigans of the night before that ruin the morning after, whether it’s the bitch of a hangover or the sickening memory of what we did or said!  Most of us have been there.  My worst morning-after was a New Year’s Eve during which I drank a home-made punch that I swear had been spiked with something untoward. So untoward that I couldn’t move the following morning, let alone search for a hangover cure.

Most hangover cures fail.  The only one that works is not to drink too much in the first place, or not at all; but that wouldn’t be much fun, would it!

As Dr. Mandy Silverman says on her blog, one should  eat a bloody good meal in advance and drink one glass of water to every alcoholic drink to counter the dehydration. Ever since my punch debacle, I have tried to stick to this sound advice. What I didn’t know until I read her post today is that ‘the liver can only process one drink per hour, so do not exceed this!’ Very useful to know but not so easy to adhere to in a party situation.

Bird Song New Year Card
Bird Song New Year Card

Take care and keep laughing!