All I Want for Christmas © First Night Design

All I Want for Christmas © First Night Design
The name around the Sheriff of Nottingham’s neck,
Iain Duncan Syndrome, is a satirical reference to Iain
Duncan Smith, minister for the DWP, which listeners to BBC Radio 4’s The News Quiz , the best satirical series bar none, will recognise.

Christmas may be known traditionally as a time of joy and excess but there are now too many people on the planet who don’t have enough to eat, let alone give presents to those they love. War, civil or otherwise, is devastating the lives of millions. Dictators continue to wield power. Governments in supposedly developed and democratic countries are demolishing the infrastructures our forbears fought and died for. In my country alone, the Tory/LibDem coalition that holds power, and let’s not forget we did not vote them in, continues to pursue a path that has them demonising and persecuting the most vulnerable. And laughing when they hear stories from Labour MPs about their constituents that would break the heart of any decent person.

I never imagined when I began this blog that I would ever post about politics. I save the subject for tweets but I have never felt such anger, frustration and despair in my life.  I am ashamed to belong to the same race as these public schoolboy millionaires who are hell-bent on lining their own pockets at the expense (pun intended) of the rest of the population, particularly the poor (did you know it’s their own fault?), the disabled (did you know that life-long conditions are curable in as little as a year?), and the unemployed (did you know they’re supposed to find jobs where none exist?).

One of the biggest problems is that a majority read the right-wing newspapers such as the Daily Telegraph and the Daily Mail which toe the party-line and print as fact the mightily skewed statistics given out to them, not to mention the outright lies being bandied about by such as David Cameron, Iain Duncan Smith and Esther McVey. Or they don’t ‘bother’ with politics.

If we don’t wake up to the real world and what is being done in our name, our country will be destroyed for generations to come, if not for good.

I could say more but there are others who are saying these things far better than I ever could and with the facts to back it up.

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I leave you with these questions:

  • Is it right that in the sixth-richest country in the world, there will be 80,000 children homeless this Christmas?
  • Is it right that people are committing suicide rather than be made homeless by cruel benefit cuts?
  • Is it right that bankers, who caused the crisis in the first place, should go on lining their pockets with massive pay rises and bonuses while the ‘hoi-polloi’ suffer?
  • Is it right that politicians should grant themselves a pay rise over the rate of inflation when most people’s wages have remained stagnant and the cost of living has increased I don’t know how-many-fold?
  • ‘Why if you can’t get a job and are 5 minutes late for a job interview or work programme do you get ‘sanctioned’ and have all your benefit (for which you’ve contributed all though your working life via national insurance contributions) taken away for 4 weeks and left with no money at all, whereas if you cheat the State through elaborately artificial tax avoidance on an industrial scale (notoriously like Barclays Capital or indeed any big bank) you’re not bankrupted, not disqualified from continuing in the finance sector you’ve disgraced, and not sent to prison?’ [from Michael Meacher MP’s latest blog post.]

Take care and keep laughing!