The Louise Brooks Tattoo – More Hollywood Glamour

The Louise Brooks Tattoo © First Night Design
The Louise Brooks Tattoo © First Night Design

Just like The Gloria Swanson Tattoo in earlier posts, this treatment of a Louise Brooks photograph was inspired by Edward Steichen‘s headshot of the Hollywood actress covered in lace and held by the Museum of Modern Art. The Louise Brooks photo (Hello-Tuesday), and the vintage wallpaper (MGB-Stock) that I used to create the lace effect, are from Deviantart.

I could have chosen one of the widely known photographs of Louise Brooks but this one appealed to me more than the usual, partly because I had not come across it before and partly because she looks so soignée in male attire.

The still is from a 1928 film, Beggars of Life, where Brooks plays a girl who disguises herself in beggar’s clothing to escape the police after killing her abusive stepfather. Directed by William Wellman, it also stars Wallace Beery, Richard Arlen and Roscoe Karns, and was based on a book by Jim Tully, published in 1924.

Take care and keep laughing!


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