The Victorian Tomboy

Reblogging this post from November 2011 to give me time to write for #NaNoWriMo!

First Night Design

Inspired by all the marvellous offerings created by the talented crafters on Brag Monday at The Graphics Fairy, I had been going to make this design by hand or, rather, I was going to get my husband to wield the scissors as that’s not something I can do any more with my limited dexterity.

I designed the digital version first and was about to print out all the separate elements when disaster struck: our adored mongrel tripped me up and I’ve been laid up in bed ever since with a badly-torn muscle and I’m the only one who knows how a computer works!

The Victorian Tomboy

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the digital version. The girl and the doll come from Wikimedia, while the sailor tomboy is from The Graphics Fairy.

Linking to Brag Monday

Update: It wasn’t a torn muscle – it was a broken hip which had to…

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