Alice In Wonderland | Assemblage Art by Messie Jessie

Alice In Wonderland | Assemblage Art

Reblogged from Messie Jessie.

Alice in Wonderland Art Assemblage
Alice in Wonderland © Messie Jessie

It’s another busy week, I’ve got my niece for the week doing her work experience with me, which I’ve been looking forward to.  She’s studying A Level art and is wanting to attend university this year studying art and then moving into art therapy.  She wants to work with children and adults with learning difficulties.  An area I’ve really enjoyed teaching in.

Anyway back to the pictures, last week I found two small compact little books and thought they would suit Alice in Wonderland because of their small size. These pics are of the first little assemblage I’ve done with the books.  Hopefully I’ll finish the other one tomorrow.

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Sue Griffiths, the talented lady behind Messie Jessie, produces the most exquisite art assemblage pieces, often based on classic literature whether Gone with the Wind, Little Women or Wuthering Heights.  Take a look — you’ll be enchanted.

I envy her dexterity for had my fingers still been working properly, art assemblage is  a craft I would have relished. As a child and a teenager, I was constantly busy making all manner of things which I hoped to sell. I covered notebooks in corduroy, baked clay adornments for necklaces or produced miniature theatres out of old cardboard.

Take care and keep laughing!


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