‘Why should you be disappointed, or think less of a work of art, if it is created digitally or by a computer program? Does that make it somehow less “authentic”? The computer is just a tool, like paint is a tool…’ Renata Bernal on Tumblr

Birds of the Jungle

I have no choice but to create art digitally because of an autoimmune condition that affects my dexterity and mobility.  However, it has taken a long time for me to acknowledge that whatever medium is used, the result is still art. Even now there is a part of me that feels I am cheating so that when I read the thoughts of an established artist such as Renata Bernal, it is exactly the affirmation I need to boost my confidence. Thank you, Ms Bernal.

Architectural Oddity

Cubist Shutters Doors And Windows

Take care and keep laughing!