Valley Rose: Playing with Flowers

Valley Rose © First Night Design
Valley Rose © First Night Design

I confess I get increasingly sick of flower photographs — not paintings, whether digital, acrylic or oil — just photographs.  Rarely do I find them exceptional and yet even the mundane sell in their thousands, if not millions.  I do take photographs of flowers but I cannot leave them be.  I have to play around with them, always wishing to create something painterly, something out of the ordinary.  Whether I have managed to achieve such in my latest artwork, only you can tell me by commenting below! Having said that, this piece does not use one of my flower photographs but a free vintage postcard with a rose and lily of the valley from The Graphics Fairy.


Creating the background involved so many photographs from my collection that this post would be the length of a book if I included them all and the different stages it required in Photoshop to produce it, not forgetting my tweaks and blends. I do hope you like it.

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Take care and keep laughing!


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