The Modern Salonnière

To say I was overwhelmed by this post written in June by one of my oldest friends, Pippa Rathborne — her mother and my father were at Central School of Speech & Drama together — in which she compares me with Germaine de Staël, would be an understatement.  She was prompted to write it when I included her in my list for the The Very Inspiring & One Lovely Blog Awards.

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 Germaine de Staël in her turban
Germaine de Staël in her turban

While I was sitting in the dappled sunshine of the dying planet, reading my friend Sarah’s blog, two women coming from different directions met in my mind. They did not look or behave alike, but I saw, suddenly, their kinship, a connection made without a social networking site, yet similar.

Madame de Staël was loud, unrestrained, emotionally voracious; her moods drove away her unfaithful lover, misnamed Constant; my friend Sarah is always self-controlled and elegant in everything she does. Though they both love hats, I’ve not yet seen Sarah in a bright silk turban like Madame de Staël’s…

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I should say that this is not how I see myself.  I see myself as having very Staël-like characteristics such as being ‘loud’, ‘unrestrained’ and ’emotionally voracious’!

Take care and keep laughing!


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