Fine Art America: National TV Photo Contest

Fine Art America is holding a contest to choose images for their next national television advertising campaign. There’s a catch — isn’t there always.  You can submit three images in total but any one image has to have garnered at least 250 votes by 30th June to go forward into the next, juried, round.  I can’t see myself having an ice cream’s chance in hell of getting anywhere near such a figure, but I would be very happy to get as many votes as I can.  Voting is open to all although if you are not already a member of Fine Art America, you will need to register as a ‘collector’. On the other hand, if you are an artist yourself – photographer, fine artist, mixed media artist – why not consider joining FAA, building a portfolio and entering the contest yourself.

Fine Art America National TV Photo Contest

My three images are as follows:

In the hope that you like one or all of them enough to register and vote, I thank you.  As I understand it, you have a hundred votes to play with but can only vote once for any given image.

Take care and keep laughing!


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