Under Full Sail II is an adaptation of Dutch and English Warships in Battle by the Dutch painter Aart van Antum (1580-1620) in which I have used several textures to produce the effect of a fresco. My intention was to create a new version of the original, one that suggests peace and beauty and not war and savagery.

I’m a dreadful sailor, not because of seasickness, rather that LcSSc means I can lounge and enjoy but do nothing practical! I love everything about sailing: the sounds, the smells, the feeling of freedom. There is nothing more delightful to me than draping myself on deck in the sun and listening to the wind or lying down below and being lulled to sleep by the tink-tinkety-rattle of the rigging.

The men in my family have been and are avid sailors.  My father was in the Royal Navy towards the end of WWII though he saw no action. Although a successful actor, sailing was his real passion.  In fact, I suspect he would rather have spent his entire life sailing.

Oh, yes, and the reason I started this post is because Under Full Sail II has just been featured in the group A Love of Boats on RedBubble!

Take care and keep laughing!