Capricorn Abstract or A Goat Centre Stage


My latest abstract is the result of a happy accident.  I began with the idea of creating a faux vintage picture with an animal, in other words, something along the lines of the image below (genuine vintage).


But as soon as I blended a background from Textures of Italy and a photograph of a goat that I took a couple of years ago, I was so delighted by the shapes, textures and colours, that I wanted go no further.

I have no doubt I’ll be doing my faux vintage animal in the near future, though.

Take care and keep laughing!

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13 thoughts on “Capricorn Abstract or A Goat Centre Stage

  1. That is stunning, Sarah. I’m not someone who says nice things about work by friends just because they are my friends so if I say I am stunned by the work you can take it as being nothing more than the truth. I’d love to own it (even though I’m not a goat).


  2. The thing is, if you have a level of sensibility and balance, which you enjoy in spades, it is almost impossible to produce an uninteresting piece of work, as you have demonstrated here. Starting to do one thing and finishing with another, is almost part of my every day experience he he

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